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Hi. Thanks for stopping by today. I’m Dobb and I created the To-Do Scout Planner.

A self-identified nerd, a trained marine biologist, certified Scrum Master, self-taught artist, and a father of three girls.

Star Wars Celebration, Chicago (Pre-Covid)

I have used lists in my decades of leading projects. They have served me well. I even have a custom ink stamp that exactly fits six check-boxes on a standard square Post-It Note. But, when I created the To-Do Scout Matrix, my productivity soared.

I’ve always had a side hustle. Every decade it seems I’d strike out on my own. The first time was out of necessity as I was leaving government work as a marine biologist, and starting consulting small businesses that were starting to gain a presence online.

As a young adult, this was fine until an internet fintech startup lured me back into the corporate world. I led industry-leading software teams, and I integrated multi-million dollar acquisitions. I was then presented with an opportunity of a lifetime –work with my father. I learned so much in his marketing world. However, the business never flourished, and we called it quits. That was one of the hardest calls I ever had to make.

I went back int the corporate world as I was starting a family. I took a leadership position again at an advertising agency. I managed projects and a small team. This paid the bills. My entire career –from marine biologist to internet companies, sports marketing, and app development, I always relied on lists. That’s how I got things done. Checking items off my to-do list. These lists obviously helped.

However, at times I was still working a second job (side hustle) or putting in late hours. I even let some prime opportunities die because I just didn’t have enough time. At some point, I came across the Eisenhower Matrix —a to-do list on steroids. It helped me to prioritize my tasks. But I was still working more than 40 hours per week.

I started to play around with the Matrix. I read a lot about it. My teams tried it. I started to switch it up. I integrated the best of my Scrum training. I added bits and pieces of psychology I researched how other leaders became successful. I used my own wins and losses. I created at least eight variations of the matrix until I really liked what I was using day-in and day-out.

Then I took it to the next level.

I expanded it to include some scientific processes until the current iteration. What you see here.

I’m offering my To-Do Scout Matrix because when I was on iteration #3, I saw my productivity soar. I was selling some widgets online and paying the bills. But in the last nine months, I’ve created two successful Shopify stores, an Etsy marketplace, and sell on Amazon. These clear over $100,000 per month. Yes. Per Month.

Do you want to know the kicker? I’m working less than 40 hours per week. I’m teaching my girls how to sail. I’m hanging out every day with my best friend –my wife of 17 years. I truly believe that this highly tuned time-management matrix has allowed me to prioritize and focus much better. To the point, I don’t believe I’ll even have to go back into the corporate world. I have my Muse.

At my core, I am a zig-zagger. I’ll be highly focused and move my businesses and projects forward from Point A to Point B. But then I’d zag. I’d see some shiny object –another business opportunity, a new project management scheme, a new boat. Then, I’d get back on track and move forward again toward Point B. I still have this tendency, but that only happens when I don’t sit down the night before and fill out my Daily Matrix. For me, the To-Do Scout is a game-changer. I’m never going to look back.

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