Delaying Procrastination

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Procrastinating procrastination sounds weird. Still, this double negative is an effective combo; you need to shake off indecision and get to work. The top is calling. Why should you be stuck in mediocrity? This post will explore hacks that can help you to keep postponing the urge to waste time.

Procrastinators Unite
Procrastinators Unite

Causes of Lack of Motivation

It would help if you had zeal and passion for inspiring yourself to get on your feet and put in the necessary hard work to achieve your dream. So, we must analyze the likely reasons you don’t feel like doing anything sometimes. A study carried out by researchers of the Carnegie Melon University discovered that a lack of motivation is one of the most significant reasons people procrastinate. So, suppose you can find ways to inspire and motivate yourself. In that case, you are likely to be more productive within a limited period.

According to motivational experts, some reasons people lack the desire to work include stress, depression, fatigue, low self-esteem, lack of ideas, emergencies, negative vibes, previous failures, ambiguous goals, recession, etc. You can only underestimate any of these factors at your peril. A study carried out by scientists of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that goal choice and self-confidence are two crucial components of motivation. When you don’t believe in your ability to succeed at a task, you will not be encouraged to do it.

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According to psychologists, you need a high level of self-efficacy to succeed in any task. Your self-efficacy is the level of confidence you have in your ability to succeed in a task before undertaking it. If you don’t feel you can thrive in a career path, why should you choose it? If you lack confidence because you need to practice more, why are you waiting? Take time to identify why you are not motivated to do something. Once you discover it, deal with it.

Identifying Your Stressors

If you paid attention, you’d realize that stress was one of the reasons we highlighted as a cause of lack of motivation. If you cannot cope with stress, it will overwhelm you and make you disinterested in what you ought to do. One of the most effective techniques for managing stress is to identify its source. Once you know why you’re stressed, you are a step closer to overcoming it. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people’s stress levels have gone a notch higher.

The thought of the disease affecting their loved ones and the impact on the economy can be crippling for many. It’s natural that you are anxious about your loved ones. Yet, it would help if you never forgot that you can not protect them through worries. Instead, give them tips that you know can help them cope during this period. You’ll only worsen your mental health when you let the fear of being infected with the disease cripple you. Apart from the pandemic, there are many other reasons people feel stressed.

Studies have discovered that anxiety regarding paying bills is one of the most significant issues facing adult Americans. It’s impossible for you not to think about how you will pay your bills. This pressure weighs more on you, especially if you’re a parent. You want to ensure that your family’s needs are met, and the pressure can be burdensome. You should seek ways and make plans that can help you cope with paying the bill rather than being anxious. Worrying about a problem doesn’t solve it. You can postpone the desire to procrastinate by refusing to allow anxiety to overwhelm you.

Find Source of Inspiration

What will happen if you complete this task now? Think about all the pleasant things that can occur after completing an activity. It can fan the flame to finish it on time. A culture of meeting deadlines will endear you to your boss or clients. It can give you the leverage you need to ask for a pay rise. Employers and clients don’t want to lose that employee or customer they can trust to get the job done on time.

When you earn that reputation, you’ll establish yourself as an indispensable part of your team. Suppose there are reasons to lay off staff. In that case, they know that you are untouchable because of your reputation for delivering top-quality performance before the deadline. After achieving your dream of financial freedom through your career, think about all the lovely places you would like to visit and the fun things you want to do. What about all the less privileged people you can help with a generous donation?

Ensure that you have more than enough reasons to keep your focus and refuse to waste time. You can also promise yourself a well-deserved treat or vacation once you complete the work on time. Setting your eyes on the prize can make you forget about the stress and challenges of the moment. Use the rewards to motivate yourself to “waste” time later.

Stay Away from Negative People

You cannot afford to underrate the influence of the people around you on how you approach different situations. Sometimes, you passively pick up some attitudinal disposition towards something through the people you have in your circle. You cannot choose your family members, but you can choose your friends. Besides, a person who is your relative doesn’t automatically mean that you should be close to the person. It would help if you stayed away from negative people regardless of who they are.

A fifteen-minute discussion with some individuals can ruin five years of labor. They can make you feel that you have been investing your time and energy in the wrong endeavor all this while. Indeed, there are situations in which some people can help you see things from another angle that will be beneficial to you. However, some individuals have a way of talking down on anything that they don’t understand. The fact that your dream doesn’t make sense to a person doesn’t mean that it’s nonsense.

Many great achievers were criticized by their friends and family when they were trying to achieve their dreams. Nonetheless, they were not deterred by the negative remarks. They kept fighting and pushing until they convinced all the people that didn’t support them initially. So, it would be best if you didn’t share your dreams with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. You might find yourself losing motivation and value for what you intend to achieve when you discuss it with certain individuals. Note them and stay away from them.


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