Turning Chores Into a Fun Activity

Turning Chores Into a Fun Activity

It’s not always fun when you are on your way to greatness. You’ll find thousands of reasons to be discouraged and give up. Yet, you need to find reasons to keep fighting for what you believe in, thus avoiding procrastination. One way you can prevent inaction is by turning challenging tasks into fun activities. You can achieve this in the following ways.

Introduce Music

Only a few things can inspire people more than music. Whoever called music the food of the soul didn’t make a mistake. In the words of Dax [], an American-based rapper, music creates wings and builds dreams. Many people take advantage of the soothing effect of music whenever they want to relax. It also helps some people to sleep easier. However, you can also use it to inject life into a boring activity.

In some situations, you’ll not need the music for a long time. It will only help you be more active and focus on what you need to do again. Once it has done what you need it to do, you can turn it off again. Avoid random songs to get the best out of the experience. Have a playlist of your favorite songs. Some tunes can motivate you to focus on what you need to do. Some can even remind you about your dreams. Play those songs when you’re feeling tired and discouraged.

Make Games out of Tasks

Games are exciting and fun, unlike chores. It sounds absurd to mention games and chores in the same breath. Still, you can morph them into the same activity via a bit of a tweak here and there. For example, instead of feeling stressed that you need to go around to see several clients, you can see it as a physical training activity. How about counting the number of steps you took before getting to a client’s house, especially when walking there?

You can also use this approach when decluttering your home. You can label three baskets as “give out,” “discard,” and “rearrange.” Put items you want to give out in the first one, while the stuff you want to throw away will be in the second basket. The things you want to put in a better place in the home will be in the third container. Moving around the house while placing each item in its proper place can feel more exciting than when it is not structured.

Leverage Punishment

You can give yourself a kick in the pants by threatening to withdraw a treat until you have completed the task. Parents use this technique when they tell their kids that they will not be allowed to watch their favorite TV show until they have completed their homework. The child might not like to do the assignment. However, the desire to watch the TV show will drive them to find a way to complete it on time.

You can tell yourself that you will not check your favorite social media or play games until you have completed a task. If you’re committed to it, it can drive you to finish various tasks on time. Your subconscious mind wants you to achieve what you are doing as soon as possible so that you can have enough time for the fun activity. So, it’ll make you work harder and faster.


You don’t always have to do everything by yourself. If you feel that you have someone willing to help, without complaining, you can ask them to help you with some things. Your spouse, family members, kids, and friends might be able to help you complete some tasks. Ask them politely to help out.

Some people work too hard because they don’t trust others to carry out a task the same way they would have done it. It’s true in some cases due to experience and expertise. However, delegating enables you to allow others to learn and grow. You don’t have to leave the task to them and go away. You can supervise them to help them in case they feel stuck somewhere along the line.

Share The Burden

You need your friends and families for both the days you celebrate your success and the difficult times. If there is something you need to do that requires more hands, you should be able to call your friends and family to help you, especially when they have the skills needed to help out. This collaboration often comes in handy when planning events. Still, you can use it when handling a project.

For example, if you are writing a book you want to publish, it isn’t a crime to ask a friend to edit it and another person in your circle to design the page cover. You won’t be able to always afford to outsource tasks you don’t have time to do. Your friends and family can save you a lot of money. Nonetheless, you must seek opportunities to repay the kind gesture. Ensure that you make yourself available when they also need you to help them in their time of need.

Listen to Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks while doing a tedious task can make things easier and livelier. For example, you can listen to podcasts and audiobooks while doing yard work or housework. You might never be able to create enough time to sit down and listen to some of the best sellers and TED Talks you have always wanted to hear. However, you can kill two birds with a stone by listening to audiobooks while doing something that doesn’t require you to pay attention to written instruction. This approach will not be practical if what you’re doing requires you to think a lot.

Call a Friend

You shouldn’t call a friend to come and help out with every task. Sometimes, you can ask a friend to come over to have a chat while doing your chores. Of course, it depends on the person’s schedule and the type of task you need to do. It’s also vital that the job isn’t noisy such as vacuuming. This approach can make you complete a tedious task faster than you realize it. The person might even be caring enough to help out to reduce the burden on you.

Change Your Mindset

The way you see a task affects the way you approach it. Your attitude toward something begins from the way you think before it affects the way you act. So, by changing your perception about a task, you can increase your motivation to do it on time. Do you see your tasks as something you have to do or something you want to do? When you see your chores as something you need to do, you feel powerless and mentally stressed. However, when you see them as something you choose to do, you feel empowered and in charge, which inspires the zeal to get things done as soon as possible.


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